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I'm Tom Hastjarjanto, a software developer from the Netherlands. I've built mobile, frontend, backend and machine learning systems.

On this site, I write about building software effectively. I document the complex engineering trade offs I had to make in my career as software developer.


  1. Presentations


  1. Improving The CI/CD Flow For Your Application
  2. Python: Iterables
  3. Mac setup


Topics I plan to write about in the future.

1. [Code quality](/code-quality) 
1. [Git essentials](/git-essentials)
1. [Monorepos](/monorepos)
1. [Monoliths vs Microservices](/monolith-vs-microservices)
1. [Code smells](/code-smells)
1. [CI/CD](/ci-cd)
1. [Serverless](/serverless)


  1. eslint-plugin-react-native · Github · NPM
  2. latency numbers quiz

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You can reach me on Linkedin, Twitter or e-mail.